About Us

Originally founded as a sister company of Bay Marketing (now MJP Marketing), Bay Distributing shares the same ownership, operating locations, and many of the same product lines. The company provides a means for non-direct dealers to purchase consumer electronic products from varying manufacturers. It also responds to the time-sensitive needs of MJP Marketing's direct dealers by stocking various manufacturer items.

Bay Distributing also represents lines that are not available through MJP Marketing. Together the two companies strive to be the complete solution for the custom installation industry and retail market.

The People

Michael Pupo
Michael brought 11 years of audio/video retail experience to Bay Marketing when he joined the company in 1991. He purchased the company in 2002. Michael's high-level of industry expertise allows him to offer an unsurpassed level of product knowledge and technical support.

Lori Pupo
Lori came to Bay Marketing with 15 years of management experience and 2 years in the Custom Audio Video Industry. She manages our accounting, human resources and inside sales department.

Jim Wissinger
Jim is a highly knowledgeable audio/video professional with over 18 years of retail and management experience. He is responsible for creating and implementing marketing material, over-seeing customer service, system design and development and order procurement.

Steve Paul
Steve is a seasoned veteran of management, sales and training. He has over 16 years of sales experience with 12 years in the consumer electronics industry. He is proficient in system design with an advanced technical knowledge aligned with client expectations. Steve is responsible for customer service and sales.

Jim Nahas
Jim joins us with over 16 years experience in the AV Industry. Jim was previously an independent integrator specializing in whole house audio and video, media rooms and control solutions. Most recently Jim worked for World Wide Stereo in project management, business development and retail sales and system design. He will work in the capacity of Account Representative for both Bay Distributing and MJP Marketing.